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The Raven

Sits at My Window

The Raven sits at my window

Black as my soul

The rain is falling

The air is cold

The Raven sits at my window

Same time every day

Once I lay down my head

He then flies away

My heart is hurting


Since you've gone away

I miss the sound of your voice

All the sweet words you'd say

All it took

Was just one fight

You walked out my door

A drunk took your life

I never got to say I'm sorry

Never got to hold you again

And each day that passes

All I feel is pain

The Raven sits at my window

The same time every day

I wonder if it's you

Watching over me

Watching me weep

Waiting 'til I sleep

Waiting 'til I take my last breath

So we can be together again

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Stephanie Munn
Stephanie Munn

Born and raised in Georgia. Most of my life I have battled depression, anxiety, mental and physical abuse (up until I was 26 years old) and now PTSD along with other health issues. It has always been my dream to be a writer and so here I am

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The Raven
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