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The Rain (In My Eyes)

A Poem Inspired by Tears and Rain

Rain, pouring, drenching

Pounding on the pavement

Clicking on the roof, dripping

Crying from the sky

Like the tears in my eyes

Clouds opening and letting go

Draining on the world below

Reflections in rain-soaked roads

Illusions of the sky coming down

It is...

It's falling on our heads

Soaking our souls

Like the streaming of tears,

A release

Pools form on the road

...On my cheeks

We rain together, the sky and I

So wet I cannot see

Windshield is covered in drops of rain

My heart is covered in pain

No umbrella, there's nothing I need

But to wash away the dirt

Cleansing my soul

My tears lost in the storm

I take another form

As lightning flashes

And my screams are the thunder.

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The Rain (In My Eyes)
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