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The Quiet Young Elf Lady

A Poem

The Video of Alissa Cassel, Author of this poem, reading it aloud with her own pictures running in the background. D

Deep in the woods 
Under a tree, 
sits a young elf lady. 

Her long black hair 
blows in the wind, 
dappled in light and shade. 

In her lap, 
lies a book, 
covered in words of fantasy.

Telling of Humans, 
and their strange world, 
and how dangerous they can be. 

Deep in the woods
lurks a man, 
Rope and bow at the ready. 

Hiding in the shadows, 
He sees her there, 
The Quiet Young Elf Lady. 

In his brain, 
a plan there forms, 
of evil and pain and money. 

He captures her, 
he thinks, 
and he will be rich beyond compare. 

So he sneaks up behind
to try to scare her, 
snare her with his rope and wits. 

But she jumps and runs, 
her image brilliant and fleeting. 
With all the grace of a fleeing doe, 
disappears the Young Elf Lady. 

Originally written on Wednesday, August  30th, 2017. 

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The Quiet Young Elf Lady
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