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The Question

A Poem

The Question

I'm sick of trying,

I'm done.

I wanted love,

I have none.

None was given to me,

I have none to give out.

How is it then that I can still see?

Through all the drought.

I'm inside dying.

Why, I ask the lord above,

Should I just keep trying?

Is what I'm thinking of.

I work so hard.

I'm called lazy.

I get mad and make a mess.

I'm called crazy.

What about the mess you don't see?

Did I not clean it up nice?

Because you can't see it dirty?

Well then let me do it twice.

Look closely and see!

Or why... should I even try?

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Sarah Parish
Sarah Parish

I believe in symbiosis, and that there is a singular dominant God of the universe,

Also, the love poems are dedicated to my husband, and the rest are dedicated to my family!

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The Question
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