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The Pro Gamer and the Gamer Girl

A Fortnite Inspired Romance-Rap About Gaming and Love

Our wedding rings

See the flipping of the aaron,

I think he's angry at the perron.

He finds it hard to see the shooter,

Overshadowed by the long supercomputer.

Who is that sucking near the computer?

I think she'd like to eat the router.

She is but a thick arcade,

Admired as she sits upon a retrograde.

Her hard car is just a newbie,

It needs no gas, it runs on machete.

She's not alone she brings an ego,

A pet Lama, and lots of oswego.

The Lama likes to chase a wreck,

Especially one that's in the check.

The aaron shudders at the warm climax

He want to leave but she wants the knacks.

Comments by critics:

"Ooh! I just love the rhymes in this work - 'aaron'/'perron' and 'computer'/'router'. It takes real talent to come up with pairings like that!"

- The Daily Tale

"'The Pro Gamer and the Gamer Girl' is a crime against poetry!"

- Enid Kibbler

"Um.. As much as I like this poem, isn't 'supercomputer' somewhat scraping the barrel when trying to rhyme 'shooter'?"

- Hit the Spoof

"Only a true poet can make the climax sound as warm as FortniteLover has!"

- Zob Gloop

"Can a car really run on machete?"

- Betty Borison

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The Pro Gamer and the Gamer Girl
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