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The Power of Laughter

Everlasting Memories


Have you ever just felt like you had a day that was the absolute worst

Then later that day you begin to change your mood

It could have been a joke or movie…so much laughter you could burst

I could sit around and think of something that happened with tears in my eyes

Because my side was hurting so much from the words that had been spoken

When joy comes in that way …did not know if it was the truth or lies

Laughter is therapeutic way to eliminate an unsatisfactory day and find pleasure in a situation

Don’t be the person who is so uptight that they forget to have a little fun

It is something that is felt throughout the entire nation

Although, laughter can reduce the stress level that you are going through

The anger somehow disappears it was just a moment

However, your fears are seen not the same yet in a different view

It is good for your health…so just go ahead let it out

Turn your frown to a smile then pop some popcorn one night

Put a comedy movie in and whatever was stressing you is invisible

Laugh so hard that all your teeth show…all pearly white

Is it me or I feel laughter to be a cure for plenty of obstacles in life

A person might say oh no that’s Bipolar…well call it how you see it

It brings an emotional sense of urgent relief

So, when someone asks why are you so cheerful?

Tell them a suitable story to make their day special

Then it goes viral…everyone gets an earful


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The Power of Laughter
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