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The Persistence of Memory

When Humans Cease to Remember

The darkness of the storm,

Would give fear and hate

In equal measure,

As the raindrops beat upon the windows.

A Man stared out into the darkness,

As the rain renewed its assault.

There remained only the memory

Which sundered.

The memory which came unbidden.

When were we great?

We shall be great again.

Are we to know when we were great?

Are we to know who can return it?

The memory which came unsummoned.

We fled to cities, hopeless.

We fled to the country, hopeless.

We have never had hope.

We are hopeless.

The memory which came unwanted.

We flee again, to suburbs, hopeless.

We flee again, to find our hope.

We flee again, to find our freedom.

We flee again, for we must flee.

The memory which came again.

We shall be great, we shall be saved.

We shall be one, we shall be united.

We shall be here, and nowhere else.

We shall be, for what else can we do?

The memory which comes forever.

We never were great, for then we suffered.

We never were free, for then we were oppressed.

We never were united, for then we fought in division.

We never shall remember, for then we had forgotten.

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The Persistence of Memory
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