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The Pain


I have always been that strong person

The one that will always be there

The shoulder to cry on and the ear to listen

But what happens when your world starts to fall apart?

It seems like you can't keep your head above water

Your drowning in your on fears

Why can't you break free like everyone else?

To Cut the chain that's is holding you down

Are you scared to let go and feel anything

The pain is real and it's there

Its not going away and it won't die

Are you going to let it kill you

Are you going to keep trying to hide it

The pain sometimes rolls down your face in a tear

And it stings with the cold air on your face

Is it a final release from the torture that you face?

For the anxiety of it all to slip away

For a split second for feeling alive and free

What happens when you try to end it all

Do you succeed in the pain when you leave everyone else... do you care what they think or how they feel

The thoughts that run through your head

That they whisper no one would care they wouldn't miss you at all

No one would even miss you over and over

All the more reason to do it right

All the more reason to let it all go and be free

But you grew up knowing the one eternal sin

And you would be damned for all eternity if you did

So you struggle on holding the pain and struggles in

Holding back the tears and all the fears that go with it

When will you ever be free and still be able to live

When can you live without fear and the question that keep being whispered in your ear

When will you hold on closer to the one that loves you most

When will you lean on them for total understanding and support

When you lay it all at his feet and start to be free

Then that is when your life is worth living

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Sheena Ann
Sheena Ann

Someone who loved me told me to write what I feel ...so I do I write about what has happened since...it comes from the heart and he pushed me to where I am at. And for that Thank you 

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The Pain
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