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The Only Way I Can Describe It

An Excerpt of Falling in Love

It was a color.

When he stared into your eyes and you thought the ocean raging in them might fall onto your cheeks, it was the color of the salt water on your lips. When he lifted you on his shoulders, it was the color of the sky that wrapped itself around your waist as you waved clouds from your eyes. When he touched your arm, it was electricity and serenity weaving themselves into your soul, rooting him into your heart. It was the color of the flowers he planted in you. Forget me not, they cried.

And when he kissed you and whispered you were everything, it was the color of fireworks that ricocheted against your chest, raining down into pools that reflected the moonlight glow as you melted in his arms.

It was the color of you falling in love.

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The Only Way I Can Describe It
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