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The One Thing I Know

There is a certainty in uncertainty. Truth is, the most certain thing I know, is that I am uncertain.

(Source: pixabay.com)

No one asked,

no one among the lies,

none knew,

only the silence by words remained

bare in the dirt.

That strip of dark innocence

was the one and only thing

that I knew by,

that I knew of,

and it tore me to pieces.

My scattered pieces.

The known of,

was the misunderstood,

and I was just a girl.

A girl,

tired but never rested

to build an image that broke its own,

to build an empire that tore its own,

to build a path that buried its own.

A girl,

a girl in pieces.


nothing else could've been any clearer.

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The One Thing I Know
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