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The One About Sex in Clouds

A Poem

Art by my love written by me

We are drifting through a thunderstorm... Rough but calm...We embrace the softness of clouds. The climate begins to change as our bodies collide... With a sudden snap freeze at first touch of skin that is then calmed by the rain. It begins too darken but the night is where we thrive for the most. A gentle rumble begins to linger as we feel it consume us both...An aggressive vibration or an earthquake felt from miles away.....Whatever it is the sound doesn’t distract you. Just a fainting vibration, But faint was not the intention of this nature..you feel a jolt start to build as the world begins to orbit around sound. It's chasing you from above as you regain control... so you swim deeper into the warmth below. The sound gets closer as your body becomes curious so naturally... your body swims slower. You can't quite see it over your shoulder but you can feel it radiating behind you. Your strokes through the shadows begin to fade slowly as a spark of lighting fills your body.. it reaches the peak as the burst of energy separates our bodies but fusing our souls...as we fall into the nothingness of white but that’s where we wanted to go. 

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The One About Sex in Clouds
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