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The Nullifier

Another Performance Poem

The Typewriter in Leeds Library

“Congratulations! You matched with someone new!”

“Local singles in your area! There just waiting for you!”

“Looking for love! Find it here! You're perfect match is just a membership away!”

Just a membership away?

Social media, keeps us connected,

Yet exploits our loneliness with the pre-notion that we'll meet someone for us, by swiping right on some filtered profile picture,

Some fiction, a version of someone through a pixelated screen,

Human connection is severed, the sisters of fate replaced their scissors for modern technology with “4G on EE."

What happened to just smiling and connecting with someone?

To sitting on a park bench, with a coffee, smiling at jokes, laughing at how a French bulldogs look more like Stitch than any other dog, but still has a cute smile, as it's darts through a hedge, way too eager to play fetch.

But laughter sounds sweeter when your not alone,

endlessly swiping left and right on your phone,

It's one sound that makes a person feel whole, because that's the moment where connection grows and your desperate to find the time to get know this wonderful person,

Shockingly! You're calendar has never been more open,

Surprisingly! You're phone has never had so many unchecked Notifications,

She's whisked you away from a useless app,

She's rescued you, from the dreary, social media crazed haze, you spend days locked away in.

Love is something you're beginning to feel!

Yet, there others who'd throw this feeling away,

Laugh and think it's petty, that love is something we should simply neglect,

The Homo sapien! The only species in the world that rejects love, claiming that it's the animals who live purely off instinct.

But elephants can't help but mourn when one of their own is gone.

I guess we're just trapped in a world where hunted animal knows more about compassion than us?

As she wanders back to the elephant graveyard, where she can feel the presence of her partner, the love that guides her to the graveyard.

Whilst we waste away, searching for it on a screen,

That virtual prison ran by a mountain bluebird, sitting on his F-shaped tree, whose mouth repeats tweets from superficial beaks,

Telling us that the world is “Full of Fake News!”

And how "We're constantly being lied to!"

I suppose in some way, that's true.

Though didn't Humanity used to mean something?

It never meant robot, machine, enslaved to the screen, exploiting our feelings.  Till we become that ‘laddish’ friend who's obsessed with Tinder, nando's, and drinking.

“download Tinder” he'll boldly declare!

Clad in his 'Clubbing Wear'

He'll scour the club, for his next victim to snare,

But than heads home, feeling a disgrace, ordering a dominoes he sits at his place, swiping right and left as the sun begins to rise. He's hoping the next day he'll no longer have to keep up this foolish visade, dreaming of the day where he'll meet someone who'll accept his foolish ways.

I dread the day I turn into him,

I'll never let it happen, I pity him,

as his depression sinks further in,

I pity the elephant who mourns for her loved one,

Who knew true love, before it was poached and skinned,

Worn by the man, trying to too hard to fit in,

We are the victim of societies hunger, it's emotional nullifier, the machine maker, the robot creator.

We must claim our souls back, so we can escape this plight,

Or end up like the robots, enslaved to Snapchat.

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The Nullifier
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