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The Nothing

All I See Is The Nothing -6/23/17

the blackhole is my unfeeling heart

the Nothing took over everything. My mind, my body, and my soul, all taken hostage by the Nothing. Emptiness overcomes me dark and empty like my soul. I’m broken into little fragments, shattered bits of life, unable to be glued back together. There’s a blackness in my heart like the black hole that sucks all the life out of everything, to the Nothing. There’s a stillness in the stars, the Nothing makes sure of it. Stars are supposed to shine with light and twinkle unexpectedly, but all they see is the stillness and the emptiness that I feel from the Nothing. One day, they too, will feel the Nothing, I just accepted it early. the Nothing is my new way of existing. No one is yet to understand how it feels. They may come close to feeling a type of nothingness, but they won’t understand the Nothing until it takes over all of their existence and being. Everyday I’m a passenger of the vessel they call my body, roaming in the vast sea they call home.

Being a passenger of my own body is new to me because I don't feel the things I used to feel before the Nothing took over. It’s a lot more quite and lonely. Both things I have grown to accept and not really mind. It’s made me more observant of the people around me, seeing through the masks they put on. All these fish are roaming the sea living their lives in a constant unknown, their bodies unknowingly waiting for the day that they succumb to the Nothing. the Nothing is always there, even when you don’t see or feel it.

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The Nothing
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