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The Mystery of Your Heart

Love flows without hesitation; when it's real!

Picture by: myelitedetail.us

I am lost in my thoughts about this mystery.

We have bookmarks filled with memories, but you can't recall the history.

Love flows without hesitation when it is real.

Taking days, weeks, and months to express matters of the heart; shows how you truly feel.

The actions we take say more then you think.

Causing the heart to bleed out quicker then you can blink.

Hesitation has a front row seat.

Waiting for the both of us to give in to defeat.

What can I do to get to  the truth?

My heart is broken and I am tired of playing the amateur sleuth.

Hesitation has once again added her two cents.

Now you're wondering where all the love went.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

If this game continues I will be on my way.

Ask hesitation to hold you close at night.

Can she do the things I do and make you feel alright?

I have given this my all you see.

And yet you can't express how you invested in me.

Hesitation is about to cause you to lose your wife.

No one in their right mind can live in uncertainty and strife.

A message was left on the bedroom door.

It said to tell you, "LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE... "

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The Mystery of Your Heart
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