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The Moon

A Poem About the Moon Waiting to Come out of Hiding

The freckled moon sits high above the earth,

Waiting for the sky to darken so he can come out of hiding

Sometimes he's impatient,

Revealing himself before he's needed-

Appearing at the same time as his brother, the sun

The earthlings beg the sun to stay,

Paying nearly no attention to the moon

The moon knows he isn't as well-liked as his brother-

He's aware that he'll always live in his shadow

After all, the sun is the star of the show

The earthlings hide when it's the moon's turn to play

That makes the moon sad

The earthlings call it a blue moon

And sometimes he gets shy,

Showing only a crescent of his face

The moon even gets jealous of the love his brother receives

But then he remembers-

Although the sun paints beautiful sunsets,

The moon reminds us that no matter what we go through,

We are never in complete darkness

Gloriana Demers
Gloriana Demers

Instagram: published_pieces_by_me 

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Thus far I have published four (and counting) poems with Vocal (one of which was chosen to be performed in a theater in India) and a children's book. 

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