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The Moon

Thoughts of the Lonely

Although the moon goes through phases,

Nothing fazes the moon.

The crickets continue to incessantly chirp.

I am not the moon.

I see the moon every night, though,

And it watches me go through phases of my own.

Sometimes the silence is deafening.

I am not the moon.

Sometimes the moon and I converse,

Conversations deeper than any ocean.

I wish they saw me like the moon does,

I could never be the moon.

The moon never thinks any less of me,

Its gaze is unrequited.

Sometimes I can feel the moon's steady gaze.

You are the moon

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Lucas Hyman
Lucas Hyman

Hello! I’m Lucas. A Jewish-Puerto Rican, Native to the Northwest, and lover of Social Justice/Revolution! Feel free to read my articles as I write them! Everything I write has kept me up at night and comes from the heart.

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The Moon
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