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The Monster

A Poem/Story

I’m sorry that I did it again.

I wish I haven’t

I’m angry at myself for letting me do this.

For letting me run from my problems,


I know how bad it makes me to escape before thinking

it’s always easier to hide than to confront the monster.

But what you don’t know

is that the monster that you think you left behind

is just getting bigger, stronger and faster

and he’s waiting for you to stumble.

Sooner or later he’ll get you

and this time your “hide and run” plan won’t work

because the monster already knows all your tricks.

Be careful because he has his own tricks too

he may be slow but he isn’t dumb.

It may seem like he’s never going to catch you

but even the brightest day get reached by the darkest night.

After all this years being a fugitive

I've learned that he doesn’t have bad intentions

he’s just trying to help.

but as good as it is,

it still scares me.

Hopefully one day I’ll get the courage

to have a face-to-face conversation with him

and deal with all our pending matters.

Until then,

my suitcase will always be packed

with incomplete memories

and unanswered questions

for when I have to flee again.

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The Monster
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