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The Modern Purges

A Poem

Zero tolerance for sexism,

Zero tolerance for hate,

Zero tolerance for racism,

Zero tolerance for homophobes, for transphobes, for religiophobes and those who kill in religion’s name,

Zero tolerance for all whose views aren’t exactly the same

No room for questions,

No room for debate,

No room for dissent,

No room for conflict, challenge, or reason

Do not ask us why we are right, that should be self-evident,

If you don’t understand, then you don’t understand the question

For we are the "Twitterati", secure in our high castles

Of self-satisfied judgment

That we rain down with pitiless scorn,

We don’t need to learn, we know without study

We don’t need to listen; we have ‘soooo’ much empathy,

Our judgments can’t be questioned; there is no room for appeal,

But there is no need to refer us, we are certain in our summaries

We are liberal, we are left-wing, we work for the public good

Get behind us and we’ll raise you high

But, do not question us, do not challenge us

Do ask our authority

Or, we may decide that it’s you we need to see

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The Modern Purges
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