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The Mirror

Who Are You?

Hey who are you

A beautiful gift or saddening truth

Hey who are you

A lonely night without any light

Or a new day with a beautiful sunrise

Hey who are you

Those silly tears that never stop

Or that beautiful smile

Hey who are you

That pitiful expression in their eyes

Or that applause after one word you pronounce

Hey who are you

The one rejected from their sight

Or the admiration of this hall

Hey who are you

Someone without any goal

Or the desire of changing this world

Hey who are you

Someone that no one wants

Or the entire world of this soul

Hey who are you

A body, a face, so different

Or a beautiful soul unique and authentic in this world

Hey who are you

Someone without any place in this world

Or the hope for a better chance in this world

Look at you!

Who are you?

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The Mirror
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