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The Mirror

It tells lies.

When I look in the mirror, I don’t see what I want to see,

I see a stranger staring back at me,

It scares me to know that it’s my reflection,

My past is in my eyes, in every direction,

The way that girl stares back,

Makes me wonder if I know who I am at all, cut me some slack,

Grown up being denied, feeling unwanted,

It’s how I’ve always felt, and now I see why no one wants me,

The eyes of the girl are a haze,

Glazed over in a fury, mind like a maze,

She can’t think straight, thoughts all over the place,

She thinks she’s alright, but she isn’t, she’s misplaced,

She needs to leave, but can’t find the will,

Something’s holding her back, making her ill,

I look up again and see something different,

A salty drop running down her cheek, she’s stopped being ignorant,

Fury turned to tears as she lets it all go,

Her body slumps forward and stops the flow,

The mirror tells lies; it plays with your eyes,

As I realise there’s nothing wrong with me at all, I just needed to cry.

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The Mirror
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