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The Martyr

@ The Casa Grande Domes

My life's a mess

I don't mind

Never stress

I'm on my own time

Clock is ticking

Flava flav feel It in my chest

Every day I struggle yes

To come to grips

Solo rolla

by myself up in this bitch

I'm in hell

Heaven don't don't exist

I'll be damned

God's a sham

Religion just another government

Cash rules all

Money to the rich

Power shift

Sour kiss

1 percent don't gaf the deficit

It's no wonder when u see our president

Hella bent


Tragic is the case

feel so much aggression

Built from passive ways

Tryna pack my brain

Full of knowledge

'Til it caves

Hear my callin

But I let it ring away

Busy fighting with the stinging pain

Cuz I know

Ima be alone in my rise thru fame

All the way until my dying day.

I'm a devil

I'm a saint

Riding on an empty tank

Stalling out

Need my precious

Don't you get it

Fucking golem now

Architect build it up

But all falls down

Real as it get

They don't see it how

When I'm screaming out

Gotta be a reason

Always me believe it

All of this bereavement

I don't need it

I am bleeding

deep Inside I mask my feelings

Catch a ride Flying high

With hawkeye

mash for healing

Suicide is painless

I am so impatient


Steady waiting

Real relations

Look inside

in my eyes

Always hiding raymond

Hope's are high

Yet Destroyed every time


Blind desperation

Love my life but damn I fucking hate this

Confident, remain complacent

Consequences trials and tribulations

Positive energy forever be emanatin

Either way

Gotta grab my dreams

I will succeed

Prevail complete my goals and aspirations

all in tune

I am used to my solitude

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The Martyr
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