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The Man in the Mirror

Is Me

How many times will you play the same tune?

How many times will I hear those same worn out words?

The lyrics of days gone by,

weathered beyond recognition.

You weave your way in and out of life,

Going against the current,

and denying the things we all say.

Shaping your own, roundabout path,

That will always end up back where you began.

So why,

Why is it that you keeping fighting a losing battle?

Why is it that you refuse to give up,

Even when it’s clear that you’re wrong?

You mince meanings and warp words,

Trying to be sly or sneaky with the way you speak.

It isn’t fooling anybody.

You’re just as broken as everyone else,

You are no better than them.

Using large phrases and complex ideas,

Along with weaving in useless information.

All to mislead who listen to you,

To make them think they don’t understand.

When in reality, you’re too damn insecure,

To ever let them try to figure you out.

So you lock yourself in a cage,

And push others away as warning.

I don’t want to hear these words again,

And I don’t want to have to tell you again.

So let these last syllables ring in your ears,

For the rest of your life.

You don’t have to stop being who you are,

Just try to make who you are,

As beautiful as they say you are.

Live up to that promise.


I am just talking to myself in the end.

So who really cares,

It’s not like I’ll listen anyways.

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The Man in the Mirror
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