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The Lull

A Poem

Stairs on Lake Michigan

This quiet


that permeates the atmosphere

Those in-be-tween days

Marked by grey cold



Not a flake

Not a drop

Simply grey upon grey

languishing in the distance

Waiting for that quickening


And yet the pulse of that thought exhausts the inner crevices of the mind

So sit


          drift off into

the listless days that emerge after the rush

                                                                     after the flow

past the upward swooshing ferocity of THE SEASON

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C. Alphenia
C. Alphenia

C. Alphenia has been an educator, artist and life coach for over 12 years. She creates wood and metal sculptures and wall hangings. C. Alphenia strives to live a compassionate life by focusing on spiritual and emotional growth. 

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The Lull
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