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The Love of the Goddess

Dance to the drums.

#Oshun #Love #Beauty #Oshunvibes #honeylove

Your name is like honey on my lips.

They are large and luscious

Kiss me and allow me to love you

She is falling under my spell

Watch me dance for you

Become seduced by my hips

Let us dance under the moon.

We hear the drums

I can hear them sing

The sound of the drums is bewitching.

The lips are expressive.

The moment of hunger arises.

The desire is there,

But the hunger remains, it continues to Fester.

There is no suffering involved only savoring,

Allow me to save the honey is on my lips.

It is the moment of past life regression that allows us to indulge in the Finer Things we so desire for ourselves.

The sound of the drums are in the background howling.

Thunderous, dangerous.

It is a frightening sound,

But an alluring sound it continues to Allure.

It disturbs the senses with suspicion and anticipation.

I'm feeling ravenous

It is not a disgusting feeling, but an intriguing feeling it would continue to course through the veins with the slightest curiosity.

There is no fear or condemning.

There is only embracing.

The sound of the drums continues to howl, I am being summoned to dance on the beat of the drums.

And it is Oshun that is calling.

I have surrounded myself to her embrace.

And dance with her, she shows me the way.

She shows me I am a woman I am seductive and strong.

That I should have no fear I should walk at my step with no fear of that step.

She exudes confidence and charisma and she tells me I must be as charismatic as her.

I must allow myself to be creative.

Stay on the path of creativity and dance away all of my problems.

Dance under the night and dance under the day.

Dance with honey on my hands and allow them to wipe them across my lips so I have my lover kiss me.

I have changed.

I have cleansed my spirit and I have allowed my spirit to shine.

There's no going back now.

I hear the drums and I dance with them.

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The Love of the Goddess
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