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The Lost Ones

A Poem From Teenage Savie

When the light of love goes dead

And the tears fall from the young girls eyes

The love we felt was unbreakable, had vanished into the starry night

We are the lost ones

The ones that lost the love in our hearts

Love replaced by pain and sorrow

Pain is true

Love is a fairytale

The end came with a sharp blade and a sip if deadly poison

We were the real Romeo and Juliet

We fell deeper into the endless torment if love

Until you gave up on me

The tragic ending of our love and the sweet beginning of death

Some say that death is too soon

And some say that It was inevitable

Love is the poison that killed Romeo

And pain is the sharp blade that killed Juliet

Love and pain are one in the endless torment that was once us

Our love was not a fairytale, it was a dream

A dream I did not want to wake up from, nor did I want to continue

We are the lost ones 

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lydia live
lydia live

I’m a 21 year old woman. I’ve struggled with depression my whole life. I made my account here to show people they are not alone. Depression and anxiety are tough things to live with but we can make it through. I’m here for you. 

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The Lost Ones
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