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The Lost Ones

A Poem

The sound of their screams echoes across centuries

The blood-soaked grounds bleed the blood of our relatives    

The voices of our ancestors vanquished in time, forgotten in history

Their pleads go unheard falling on empty ears

This only amplifies their fears

Fears of a future barren of life 

Waters contaminated by the greed of a few                                 

Destruction and chaos ensue as we idly stand by

Reconciliation is the only cure

but unfortunately this world is not so pure 

Children stand by while they sadly cry

While the adults slowly wait to die

A world torn apart by others greeds

When all it takes is to care about others needs

Will we learn from our past

Or does this world move just to fast? 

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Tiffany Orton
Tiffany Orton

Some of the themes in my writing and poems include mental health. I have experienced mental health first hand and hope that my writing can help break the stigma surrounding mental health, by speaking out about my personal struggles with it. 

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The Lost Ones
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