The Little Things

Let me show you...

Don't assume a person knows you care

Remind them everyday

That is where the little things come into play

A sweet whisper of nothing in their ear

Or a warm tender kiss goodbye

Just as good as the one to say hi

A simple touch out of the blue

To draw you in for an embracing hug

For the reason of nothing better to do

Or maybe just because

It can be a mire glance from across the way

Even a simple text 

Just to say hey

Good morning, afternoon,  or good evening

That can melt a person's heart

And make you wonder what is next

It is a wonderful feeling I might say

And keeps you from growing apart

For some people it does not even cross their mind

To stop and take a moment of their time

But little things are just as impotant

If not more than the big

It is what makes people love to live

It surely might take a minute

Or possibly even a few

But I know you will get the hang of it 

So let me show you...

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The Little Things