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The Little Caterpillar

Because my body is different from yours, I cannot fly like a bird...

Art by Fatima Leyva. Instagram @terrestrial_arts

Because my body is different from yours

I cannot fly like a bird

Because my worries are heavier than yours

I cannot fly like a bird

Because my life is not as clear as yours

I cannot wish to be a bird

Because my goals are not as big as yours

I cannot wish to be a bird

I tried to ask my mom once,

“Why do I always fall short?”

But when I turned to ask her

I was met with an absent shoulder

I traveled for miles one day,

And I met a giant from the blue skies

He looked down at me and said

“Hi there my caterpillar friend.”

He reached down,

One meaty finger landing in front of me,

And with a soft voice said,

“Come on aboard, I won’t hurt you my friend.”

Every being in me said no

But soon I found myself grabbing hold

And up I went, to the blue skies

Sights so new that I almost cried

“So what do you think?”

Asked the friendly giant.

“It’s beautiful, delightful and it fills my heart with glee

But put me down now because here comes grief.” 

The giant looks down at me confused 

“Aren’t you happy? This will be your future.”

I looked up at the giant with the same lost look

“You’re a caterpillar now, but these blue skies are yours too.”

He continued on and carefully explained 

That these skies are mine to fly in again and again

That one day I’ll grow and sprout out wings

And I’ll be a butterfly fluttering in the wind


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The Little Caterpillar
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