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The Last of My Kind

The Story of the Bumblebee

Imagine a world, of lush gardens. Bright Green ferns overlaying beautiful pristine waters. Flowers of every hue, bowing in worship to the sun. Breathe in the fresh scent of nature. Sweet honeysuckle and relaxing lilac. listen to the sounds. The rush of waves hitting the shore and the babble of the creek.

My kind ruled here. We laughed and played in the tall oak trees. We ran for hours, free and careless. We were in love with this world we created.

We were happy. That is until they came. Soon, our home became over run. We no longer ran with joy, but with fear. Years went by and our numbers dwindled, as our homes were burned to the ground. Soon lush green Forrest became, dull gray cities.

We would escape to a new land. This one, not quite the same. But we settled and made it our own. But they soon followed.

It seemed that everywhere we fled too, they came with their giant, earth eating machines. Millions of acres swallowed whole.

As our numbers declined, so did the earth we created. Slowly the once beautiful gardens, welcomed the kiss of death.

Our domain, that we took an oath to protect, was all but wiped from the face of the planet. All that remained were towers of steel, and roaring seas of asphalt. The white puffy clouds that once blanketed us and kept us warm, were now replaced with thick and poisonous smog.

It wasn't long ago, that I realized I could be the last of my kind. I often wonder what will become of this world once I to fall victim to this genocide.

Were will the wild flowers grow? Who will make sure that the rest of the world does not die along with me?

I may be small, But my purpose here on this earth is great! And I will not be the last of my kind!

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The Last of My Kind
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