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The Journey

Dedicated to Michael & Polina Polishchuk

The sun will shine once the rain has stopped.

The clouds have stopped to cry and the sky begins to clear.

The smell of life and love walk the streets.

A man sits on his porch, newspaper in hand, tea on the table.

Smoke from the hot tea whirls thru the air and forms a cloud close to his lips.

He blows at the cup and looks up into the distance as thoughts of her enrapture his mind — what a beautiful night

The rain has washed away all the leaves, the cement is left wet and clean.

She sits in her mind, with all its beauty, looking out from the window, pen and paper in hand ...ready to flow yet nothing to show....the words won't come.

The sun has gone down and the streets are now empty

The children sleep, while their parents play — what a lonely night

All prisoners of the night escape thru the bars of dreams and run freely into the day

Their mind is wonderously traveling, while their bodies are restfully sleeping

You close your eyes, and imagine yourself as a child, genuine and free

You open your eyes and see yourself all grown-up — closed up from the world and hiding

No one has a right to know your business, but everyone is looking for a way in

Everyone is just a judge in this pageant, looking for the worst in you, to help display the best in themselves

Where you fit in to this puzzle of life, you never really know

The storm has come and passed, the sun has rose and set, and the moon has come out for the night.

It lights up the city and glows in your eyes.

Every night, you watch it getting fuller and fuller,

Until finally, one night... it has shaped into a tiny beam of sheer radiance.

It’s like the circle of life,

we are born full, graceful, and unbound, yet we leave in bitter mercy.

At times we have no understanding as to how to use words,

and oftentimes we know how to use them exceedingly well.

Call it a blessing, but at times it may feel as though a never ending curse has been bestowed upon you.

But this is the story of our lives.....

the world turns and we stand still. The lions roar, and we stand silent.

And when the day comes, we leave without a goodbye, and without any final words to the world.

No advice to give, and none to take with us on our journey of life beyond life.

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The Journey
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