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The Joker

A Poem to a Comedian

Your sense of your humour is getting to me

It’s like you feed off of our laughter

Like you can’t stand in a dull-dim room

Your constant search for spotlight is getting to me

It’s like you can’t blend in with the crowd

Like you can’t live without having the crown

Your constant need for attention is getting to me

Like you realize you exist when all eyes are on you

Like you realize you speak when everyone listens to you

They think you’re the comedian

That you’re the king

That you’re God

But what you really are my friend is insecure

I can’t stand your humour

It lacks your personality

You make people laugh

Not because you can’t stand in a dull, dim room

But because you can’t tolerate a dull, dim room

I can’t stand your constant search of spotlight

You need a crowd to convey your thoughts

Because you can’t talk to anyone

I can’t stand your need for attention

For reasons still unknown to me

You're not the king

They have their cards wrong

You’re the joker

Who puts on a great fake smile

And an even greater show

You fail

And you cry

And you bleed

Because you’re not God honey,

You're merely a human

Trying to be in sync

With your perception


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The Joker
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