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The Jewel of the Orient

A Poem

Scales sharpened at the knife of love.

You've only given me gaze.

Teeth too rigid for words of comfort.

You've only given me a grin.

The gill of your lungs doesn’t seem to brush against my lips.

You enjoy the serene company of only your pond.

Though I found you in a body bag.

My land is too bare. Yet you scope the gravel of my fingers

While they gesture goodbyes.

I enjoy evaporating into your decorations.

Not realizing they were merely a distraction.

Glassmaker to your home, you hide behind furniture.

I can’t give you companions, for death is a habitat

Do you recognize me?

I’ve left gifts. Yes, lifeless and dry.

You fond the taste of earth’s blood.

Not fresh or bare. You rather it be

Fencing like our love affair.

Chase me away because I am smaller.

Only by the magnify of your home.

Pandora’s box was shaped like a crystal

For you could only live in an illusion.

Why live alone?

I am here. On the outside of your dome.

Fingerprints left to recoil identity

I have given you a sea I no longer want to embrace

But if I leave you alone. I will never get to escape. 

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The Jewel of the Orient
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