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The Industrialists

Do you think that the capitalists have a bad reputation?

How did these gears come into existence?


Is but a facet

Of the system that’s


When companies make

Profits, it is in

The name and glory

Of the one practice

Which cares not for skin

Color or race or

The nonessentials.

Consider the work

Of a laborer.

He or she works the

Machines. But how did


Like these come to be?

It’s the capital

Generated by

Greedy, selfish, and

Ambitious people

Who sought to create

An infrastructure

Out of nothing. This

Isn’t discussed in

Lesson plans of most

Schools. “Robber barons”

Pop up like fleas and

Vermin. These men should

Be venerated

For their tremendous

Efforts. By helping

To build a country,

Americans ought

To not call them by

Such rotten, false names.

Instead, they should say


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The Industrialists
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