The Hatred

I Ask for Forgiveness for All the Hatred I Have Had

Been a liar, been a thief,

And hid everything I was supposed to be.

But no more,

No more of taking the blame,

No more cutting into the old wounds.

I kneel in front of You

With my palms on my knees,

And ask for forgiveness

For the person that I used to be.

Full of flaws and anger,

Blind to the world and the hatred

That has been surrounding me for months.

God knows I am ready,

Ready to face my truth,

About all the sins I have running through my veins

About all the goodness still left to do.

Fight hatred with love,

Revenge with compassion,

And words with silence.

Let the time speak for itself

And the blood running down your cheek make you stronger.

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The Hatred
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