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The Hardest Part

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye was the hardest part. 

He had been my whole world for so long and now it was just over. 

I thought we were happy, I thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together but when I put that ring on my finger...I felt nothing new. 

I didn't feel any joy, my heart skip a beat, or even a smirk spread across my face. 

There was just nothing there anymore. 

Like he was nothing more to me then a random person I had passed by on the street. 

But in my mind I knew this was the only person in the whole world that actually knew me. 

And he was the most amazing, sweetest guy I had ever known that really truly loved me and yet all of a sudden I just didn't feel the same way. 

That's what hurt the most, that's what made it so hard. 

The fact that here was a person that would literally give me the world if he could and now I had to break his heart by telling him I didn't feel the same way anymore.

Someone who became my best friend and no matter what I did they were going to be left broken.

I wish it had been the reverse where he ended things with me so I wouldn't have to live with the idea of hurting him so badly afterward.

It was like I was the one ending things with him and even still I was ripping both of our hearts out with my bare hands.

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The Hardest Part
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