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The Grass Is Greener Here (Pt. 3)


I just want to lay my head on your chest right now

Feeling your touch quiets the demons that were talking so loud

Let me know if you want me to be here for a while

I’m looking forward to forever, I promise I won’t let you down

Because I know what’s in your head, it’s almost as if I hear the voices

It scares you and baby it scares me too

Just understand I’m really feeling you

Please let me show you the grass is greener here

We can build our own garden whether you’re far or near

I know you can’t always stay, but all I need is for you to have a little faith

I’m a grown woman and I know what it is and it isn’t

But the thought of your touch gets me reminiscing

I don’t want to be just another season

You’re the reason that I enjoy breathing

Seeing you smile gets me melting

I look at you and see perfection

Whether you give me a chance or not

Thank you for getting my heart to pump

I picked up my pen again

Started drawing hearts with our names

Now I’m putting words together as I go

Is it possible to love someone before you really know

Baby I don’t want to blow this

Just give me a moment

I hope you understand

I only want you as my man

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The Grass Is Greener Here (Pt. 3)
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