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The Grass Is Greener Here (Pt. 2)


I’m not even sure where to go from here

A leap of faith I debate to take

Something holds me back from getting too near

Where did we take a turn

Some things, I may never learn

Somehow I don’t think you’re a mistake

And that’s the risk I’m willing to take

Do I want to date you

I’m not even yours and I’m already faithful

I don’t want it to be another label

I understand your life is eventful

I can sit back and stay cool

I pray for you every night

With or without me, I know you’ll be alright

But I’m willing to give us a try

In the end, this moment felt right

You’ll either be my husband or a lesson to get by

For you I’ve put down my pride

I’m in it for the long run if you allow me to ride

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The Grass Is Greener Here (Pt. 2)
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