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The Grass Is Greener Here


Am I wrong for holding on

To something I was blind to all along

How could I not see that you were really into me

With all my insecurities screaming so loudly

I was unable to realize you found me

You took an interest in me and I pushed you away

Now I’m consumed with emotions and putting everything at stake

I know you felt played and I didn’t see

That sometimes honesty may not be the best policy

I was simply trying to let you know what I was up to clearly wanting you

I know my thought process is different but baby I’m not making you play Clue

Please don’t let go of me so soon

I know this might seem like a lot as is

But how will you know if you choose to leave

I’m still choosing you

Even if I have to wait

I can be what you need, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

I’m not good with my words

But when I allow my feelings to flow God knows how to let me be heard

I’m sorry I can be a bit much

This is why I’m no good at this dating stuff

I’m looking for someone to spend a future with

I’m accepting to everything that is

Even if you don’t want me I understand

I just hope I get another day to hold your hand

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The Grass Is Greener Here
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