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The Gifts of the Solar Sea

A Poem

The warmth of the sun,

Is where all the tiny wildflowers find the most fun,

The twang purples of the lavender,

The fragrance of the earth is my reminder.

A long wait is ahead,

But let us tread,

An open valley below is there,

The elven folk you know are to be fair.

Of intrigues and knowledge,

From the highest tree, ledge, and handsome room some seek solace,

Oh! How the sun gave forth the emeralds of yore,

Long ago before.

The ground was stained and coated in gray,

The elven race did slowly fade,

But from the gloom came with a new life, lavish and free,

The shores of the solar sea.

With the flutter of new life,

So ended a long strife,

Between life and death,

I retreat beside the long-neglected oak and take my last breath.

A world saved by the high beyond, the shores of the solar sea,

Now with my tale told I wish you can begin to believe.

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The Gifts of the Solar Sea
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