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The Garnet Nightmare

A Short Poem-Story

I wandered through a basalt canyon, down a narrowing path of sediment. It suddenly lead to a wider area, a gallery of granite statues of women, some reaching for the sediment floor, some kneeling and filling vases of imaginary water. One of them was just standing, she became animated and began walking towards me, each footstep creating ripples in the ground. Her eyes were extremely dark and followed catawampus; they rolled around swiftly and were obviously scanning for any foreboding dissonance in my expression. As the ebony black eyes gazed at me, an immobilizing disease mastered my conscious. I became unaware, timeless. An unnatural insect like humming disintegrated the existing stimuli. The surrounding granite could not be heard any louder. At this point I hoped for death but marveled at the powerful intoxication that I suffered. My skull was molded instantly into a large garnet sphere. Every strain and spec within it pointed to a memory, even ones that were yet to come. With a searing red glow, my head began to heat up and the humming changed frequencies. She had a devious and seductive smile- the last face I ever saw before she rotated around. Once the eye contact had broken, I felt the slight urge to move and strike, but I was too scared. She sank lower as if to touch her toes but instead turned into stone; one with the granite statues. My thoughts had crystalized, and I became immaculate.  

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The Garnet Nightmare
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