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The Future Is Sure but Uncertain

What can we say about destiny?

Nothing is as disturbing as the unknown

It makes you think and neglect the known

But if one had the knowledge of the future

Could he strive to change it, hence the torture

No matter how much you know about the future

It can't be changed, it is a written literature

Destinies had been given right from birth

Stays with you up until death

But can we change the future by ourselves?

Is it really in our hands to avert the inevitable?

Peter was told he would betray His master

Yet with such knowledge he did it nevertheless

Judas was told he would sell his master

Yet with such knowledge, he did it nevertheless

So, does the knowledge of the future avert the inevitable

Or does it actually makes us more confused

What if by avoiding the inevitable

We ended up treading the path to the inevitable

How do you know what your destiny is?

Is it what you choose to do?, who you choose to be?

The knowledge of the future is a double dagger

How do you know the inevitable future?

Is it through dreams, vision, or tarot card?

It is not that simple, complexly hard

For at this point and ground on which I stand

I see people who think they are so close to the truth

But then again? How do you know the truth?

Based on tales of myths and legends?

Or based on lies that never end?

In the course of seeking the truth, it found me

And its revelations are soundly alarming

For now I wish I had not seen

For to myself, it sounds like total blasphemy

The future is fixed, a change causes a sonic boom

Those are the rules that govern the time-continuum

But rules were meant to be broken

But only by elites worthy, for from this slumber they have woken

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The Future Is Sure but Uncertain
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