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The Forest

This is my first poetry submission. This is loosely inspired by all the horror movies set in the forest. I hope you enjoy, lovelies!

The forest is a dark mistress.

She is peaceful.

Quiet with only the sounds of crickets, howling winds, and mysterious animal sounds.

She is tranquility.

She is a dark Heaven.

Little do you know

As the night goes on

She reveals her dark oblivion

Of mind tricks

of nightmares you'd never imagined before.

High pitched noises that you could have sworn were a scream

Footsteps in which you are not sure are your own.

Shadows lurking in the light that leave you running for your life! 

Figments of your imagination are confusing in darkness! 

With devilish faces

familiar silhouettes 

visions of unfathomable terror.

The Forest and her tranquility are now but a distant memory.

The darkness behind your eyes

and the fast pacing of your breath

are the last thing you remember

before a hand slowly reaches your side 

And by the end of the night.

You will realize how the forest can change your life.

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Octavia McClintic
Octavia McClintic

Hello lovelies! My name is octavia & I love to write poetry & talk about beauty and self care! Please feel free to check out my posts every week! Remember, to love each other and yourself

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The Forest
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