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The Fog

A Poem—10/14/18

I`ve been waiting for so long 

I`ve been praying on my own 

to departure far away 

to forget you one day 

to erase my feelings for you 

to be with somebody new 

to be able to live with myself 

no to be someone else 

I left the town a few months ago 

to go to a place that I don`t know 

I saw you for last time 

and realise 

to be without you makes no harm 

all those years I lived with the vision of "us"

but without trust 

all those people I have pushed 

cuz I was always in a rush 

I see it clearly now

the fog is gone 

the rain washed it out all away 

and now I know 

I am walking to a better day 

where I am not afraid to stay 


Eve Nova
Eve Nova

Full-time dreamer with multiple personalities+sharing thoughts with the piece of paper and capturing moments. Absolute adventurer and adrenaline junkie always ready to explore the world. Socially awkward loving to hide from human creatures.

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The Fog
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