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The Flower of Envy

"The flower of envy is so most to express what things beyond feel and want the most. "

Obsidian Dove

Raven-haired beauty

Find me in this dark-dark place

Haunt me with your words

Copyright 2019 Julie L. Jones

Azuki Lynn on Tumblr

There once was a flower that envied all flowers it wished it could


it wished it could talk 

it wished it could fly in the world up above

for it was every color 

it could wish it envied the moons the stars

and the planets even the flowers that lived in the dams, 

lived in the

rivers even seen by humans eyes but this flower was red as blood,

black as night, and as clear as day

for this flower was called the flower

of envy for it envied all that crossed

it's path the seas the rivers

the world of above and the world 

below for heaven and hell it envied

even the gods and goddesses of love, 

dignity and pride for it

envied all that crossed it's mind it envies honor it, 

envies pride the

the flower of envy envies something 

more for a heart it envies

more for this is what the flower of envy envies the most.

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The Flower of Envy
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