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The Flawed Rose and the Radiant Sun

A Free Verse Poem

The ruby rose slowly lost her color

Day by day.

She became lifeless and frail.

She was slowly losing her petals thinking of the frightful past.

She lost her friends,

Her family,

And her happiness.

She was alone on a hill made of dead grass.

The unforgiving winters took her family.

Romantic humans took her friends away.

The rose was in solitary,

Dying slowly.

The cruel winter breeze pushed the rose causing her petals to fall rapidly.

She put her head down waiting for her last petal to fall.

She was ready to give up

Until she felt a warm kiss on the back of her stem.

The rose desired to know who was leaving her such a benevolent kiss.

The rose was slowly lifting her head,

It felt like an eternity.

After days and days of repairing herself to see,

her petals started to grow back.

They were stronger than before and her head was finally held high.

She was breathtaking.

The rose could finally see who was leaving sweet kisses on her ravishing petals.

It was the sun.

He was there for her all along, even when she could not see him.

He helped her through her troubles,

He made her a better rose than she was before.

The sun reminded the rose of joyful memories she once shared with past loved ones.

The sun told her how proud he was of her progress.

The rose lifted one of her leaves to reach the sun's rays.

She was saying thank you to the sun.

He was the light she always needed

To get her life back.

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The Flawed Rose and the Radiant Sun
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