Samantha Lahm
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The Family She Never Had

By Samantha Lahm

She took a deep breath,

She started to count to three,

A picture in her head,

Of whom her family wanted her to be.

They wanted her to be normal,

like everyone else,

Smart and Beautiful,

Different from the rest,

They never thought about,

Who she wanted to be,

She wanted to go beyond the family,

Date someone her family wouldn't approve of,

So she did,

now her family wants nothing to do with her,

This woman so blind from life,

Not blinded by everything around her,

Blind in the heart and soul,

Blinded by darkness within her,

She walks around lifeless every day,

in hopes her family,

would side with her.

She walks through the day like a corpse,

She is so lost inside and out,

Things don't have any meaning,

Like they did before.

She is not who she used to be,

A part of her missing,

The family she wants,

so badly to accept her.

She hangs on,

like a piece of thread,

About to break,

She hangs her head,

around them,

barley breathing,

the family she wants,

The family she never had.

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The Family She Never Had
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