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The Evil Laugh

If you guys are fans of the TV show 'Tales from the Crypt,' this is loosely based on the Crypt keeper & his evil cackle. IDK why but for some weird reason I kinda have a crush on him LOL. I know I'm so weird! I hope you enjoy, my loves!

It the last thing you hear before and after death

It's that terrifying Godforsaken sound that can easily snatch your breathe

However there are the main few who can be susceptible to the sound

It can make a woman's face blush and her heart give a pound

If he let's it out chuckle before my lifts my hand to a kiss

I am in fear

I am in love

Now my fate is in his twist

It's the sound that He'll laughs with

After his lips touch my lips

The Evil laugh shatters all good

Now I am forever his

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The Evil Laugh
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