The Enemy


Swimming in a sea of compromise

Drowning in the mouths of his lies

Pieces of him falling to the wayside

Disappearing in the sands of time

Until there is nothing left to recognize

He is lost, but he can see

The person he is supposed to be

The person hiding deep  inside

Who has given up trying to be free

He feels the poison in his veins, he is the poison in his veins

Slowly tightening around his neck the suffocating reigns

He is his own worst enemy

Creator of the victim he has become

The veil has been lifted

He is the infection. The destruction

The darkness dwelling between the light

The possession. The confusion 

The Fuck you -  fuck me - fuck it all.

He is the crucifixion 

The spear that breaks the rib to pierce the heart

He has become twisted like the thorns in his crown

He has become inverted hanging upside down.

His smile becomes a frown.

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The Enemy
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