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The Empty End


My heart aches, really, it breaks.

For you, for me, for us.

For everything I hoped and believed we could be.

The love we had yet to nourish and bloom into full flowers inside our chests.

The space where the love of my other half resides.







A hole, a big wide open void.

A g a i n.

Four years more and nothing’s changed.

Or maybe it has.

I was unaware of the depths of my soul which you had managed to penetrate.

All in such a short space of time.

The home I sought, I found in you.

And now I am in pain, wishfully thinking we had something here to gain.

I cried for you, the tears fell down my cheeks, salty water streaming.

But I must be strong.

I deserve more of you than you know how to give.

I hate I must scribble down and write these words.

Words I write in a hope to release my sorrow.

The only place to be free on an open blank page.

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Fabienne Sandoval
Fabienne Sandoval

Fabienne is a Life Coach, Speaker and the Author of Twenty8: The Age of Power. Fabienne has been featured in Vegan Life, Kindred Spirit & Mike Dooley's TUT. She is a teacher for Insight Timer and a writer for The Woman's Evolution.

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The Empty End
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