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The Dreamer

Making my dream a reality...

I've always been a dreamer

Lost in my own world 

One I've created in my mind 

The one I've always wanted to make a reality

Though it seems with every passing day I only drift further away from my dream 

I find myself distracted by the unnecessary

I fall into the lifestyles of others

Losing my focus of what I want 

I promise myself I'll get on track 

Another broken promise filled with empty words 

I am once again a disappointment to myself 

Discouraged I falter and remain where I've always been 

Frustrated with my lack of will I get nowhere

So I sleep more, eat more and dwell in self-pity 

My dream seems so far away

My mind conjures unwanted thoughts

The images haunt me 

I look for distractions but only fall further off my course 

Days turn into weeks, weeks into month and soon a year as past

Still, I'm where I've always been

How do I break this cycle?

How do I move forward?

Contemplating I surrender 

I've given up

No, I won't stop here

I pick myself up once more and focus on my dream 

It is all I wish to see

So I take the first step to get where I want to be 

The first step is always the hardest I've been told but, I will fight through 

Eventually I'll make my dream a reality

I will no longer be a disappointment

Not to myself, not to anyone 

This is a promise I will not break

I will achieve my goals and be a success 

I will thrive

I will live my dream 

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The Dreamer
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